What is the MyCompass Trading Community?

Suited to all types of traders, whether you are a novice trader looking to get started or an experienced pro. For the novice, we can guide your learning experience to help ensure success by clearly showing every step of a trade every time. For the experienced trader, our expert moderators have sound trading ideas in many areas of the market; day trades, swing trades, OTC and short sale trades, dip buying and options. There are, every day, a myriad of trading ideas to meet even the most seasoned traders’ criteria. Our live commentary and screen share ensure that you are current with every idea we have to share. Our moderators will suggest trade entry prices, stop loss prices and prices targets. For a novice/intermediate trader, we will take away all the guess work and let you tap into the experience of our pro traders. If you choose, you will be able to trade alongside them with all the same information and enter and exit strategies.

Subscribers will receive, along with the live trading, a nightly watch list for the next day, morning fresh ideas, starting 1 hour before markets open, showing the hottest stocks and how to trade them, webinars and training videos. Also, traders will have the ability to chat with moderators on a one on one basis. Your experience will be well rounded with the expertise of our community and their trading ideas. Very quickly you will discover that the MyCompass Trading Room is your go-to place for quality ideas and sound trading tools.

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