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“A 'Must Have' for anyone trying to reach their highest level of success. Your chat rooms calls are so easy to use with such a high level of experience… Thanks!” — TCannon

""In my experience, i had subscribed to many many services but none of them matched your honesty and humbleness in treating customers and also educating the members." — KS

Meet The Moderators 


Tyler, Head Moderator

Tyler's journey into stock trading began after the 2008 crash. He transitioned from penny stocks to blue chips over eight years, eventually achieving consistent income. His expertise spans long-term investments, short-term swing trading, and stocks and options day-trading.

Robert Knight

Jay P., Moderator

Spent 18 years in Corporate Finance & Commercial Banking. Educated and guided clients on the importance of cash flow management to grow their businesses. Left the corporate world to teach others. Started trading markets in 2013. Developed strategies for day trading, swing trading, stocks, and options.


Bob, MBA

Bob is a successful seasoned trader and investor for over 30 years. He was the founder of former Turbo Trading now part of MyCompass Trading. Bob has trained many students over the years at Turbo and is now on the MyCompass board. 

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