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Flash Option Program w/Trial - Paid Monthly

(FOR FIRST-TIMER ONLY! Previous trialers and subscribers, please Click HERE to join!)

What you'll get:

  • Option Alerts: Singles and Credit Spreads on Monday and Friday and at other times during the week.  
  • Options trade in minutes and short-term swings each week!
  • Options Alerts by the Flock App. 
  • Access to Members Trades, Off-Topic, Announcement, and Knowledge Sharing channels on Flock. Set the app to receive alerts on your computer, tablet, or phone.

  • Weekly Market Analysis: Recap and Forecast

The "MyCompass Trading Flash Option Program" is designed for those who cannot be in the market all day long but want an opportunity for a nice weekly income supplement.

Here is how it works: We will alert subscribers on Monday and Friday mornings and throughout the week when we spot a high probability setup. For all options, we trade Weeklies, Monthlies, and zero-days-to-expiration (0DTE) options. For Credit Spread, we will sell an out of the money option (call or put depending on the setup) that expires on that Friday and buy the corresponding out of the money option also expiring on the Friday. You buy and sell at the same time to lock in the spread and your known profit. It also protects the short position by having the offsetting long position. The strategy is to have both options expire worthless and the subscriber keeps the spread as their profit. 

On Friday mornings, after the market opens, you will get the alert of the option trade setup. If there is more than one high probability option setup, then, as a bonus, we may send out more of our ideas at the same time. The strategy will limited to 200 subscribers.

To trade this strategy, you will need at least a $2000 margin account with approved level 2 option trading at your broker. We suggest TDAmeritrade or TradeStation if you are going to start a new account.

If you're under PDT rule, leave 1 day trade on Friday in case we need to close out the option trade early. Otherwise, we just let the trade expires worthless and collect our premium. In doing so, it doesn't count as 1 day trade.

Weekly Single: Monday Mornings.
Weekly Credit Alert: Weeklies
Monthly Alert: 1st day of each month
Plus bonus alerts.
You pick and choose which ideas to follow up on.